Monday, August 6, 2012

Henna Tatoos, Belly Dancers and More Egyptian Culture on Egypt Day at Africa Village

We brought you the highlights from the Nigeria day, and now it’s time to let you in on the Egypt Day. Richard Spiropoulos, executive producer at PANA TV, shares his experience.
“It was a celebration of Egyptian heritage inside the Africa Village in Hyde Park, last weekend.
Nigeria had had her day to shine, a few days earlier and everyone present agreed Nigerian Day was going to be a tough act to follow.
The Egyptians decided they were up to the task, and put on a display of arts, culture, history and music to showcase the finer points of one of the oldest civilizations known to man.
Belly dancers, stage dancers, musicians and singers graced the stage all day, opening a window for visitors in the park to catch a glimpse of what it is to be Egyptian in the 21st century.
They put up a tourism clinic that could add a huge spike to the number of people looking to visit or vacation there.
The country is recovering from more than forty years of dictatorship rule and is on a mission to re-introduce itself to the world.
This event inside the Africa Village - the first ever in Olympic history - was the right platform.
Visitors to the event also received henna tattoos and picked up an assortment of Egyptian memorabilia.
Empress1, the self-styled nation’s first militant Egyptian rapper also dropped in.
The arts, history, culture, music and hospitality were a triumph and displayed what it means to be infinitely Egyptian.

While the Egyptians were in the spotlight, First Bank, the oldest bank in Nigeria, and a proud sponsor of Team Nigeria during the 2012 Olympics, was lighting up Nigeria’s Wazobia lounge.
Organizers hosted First Bank day to mark their shared vision and full support for the village and Nigeria’s athletes.
First Bank is a major partner of the Nigerian Olympic Committee (NOC) and Official Banker of Team Nigeria during this 30th Olympiad.
They made sprinter, Blessing Okagbare an Athletics ambassador.
They provided a full banquet of assorted Nigerian dishes to all visitors, and the spread didn’t last as visitors devoured it as quickly as it was laid out.

According to Bukie Oluyadi, Head of Internal Communications, First Bank is making a big push to welcome Nigerians in the Diaspora.
The bank used the event to announce to Nigerians living away from home that they could now open accounts with First Bank even in England. All it takes is a valid passport and proper identification.
 … And while Nigerians and their guests partied inside the lounge, the Egyptians continued their celebration outside.
Morocco is expected to take centre stage tomorrow.
The Africa Village is an initiative of ANOCA, an association of Africa Olympic Committee. The London 2012 Olympic Games is the first time, African nations have a unique place to host and welcome their athletes and visitors.
About 16 African countries including Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia and Cameroon are relishing this opportunity to showcase their cultural, artistic and sporting greatness.
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