Friday, July 27, 2012

Memories of A Glorious Night

London definitely put up a glorious show – if that comes close to describing last night’s Opening Ceremony. It was a marvelous fusion of traditional and contemporary Great Britain, the old and the new – I mean what was it with James Bond and the Queen…that was super! ...And dear old Rowan Atkinson, our lovely Mr. Bean. He made such a great comic at the performance of the Chariots of Fire by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Fireworks at the Olympic Stadium. Photo: London 2012

The evolution of pop culture was phenomenal – tracing the timeline of pop music using the concept of social media. The performance of by NHS was aglow – what with glowing hospital beds and dancing nurses. Health care couldn’t get more exciting than that!

The quartet of Independent Olympic Athletes where quite excited with themselves as they paraded under the Olympic flag. South Sudan’s Guor Marial is one of them, as his native country was unable to be officially recognized by the Olympic Committee as a bona fide paying member, due to lack of funding and of course all the domestic issues facing them right now.

With all the color and excitement, as the Athletes began their parade into the Olympic Stadium, one cannot help but marvel at how powerful sports is.

Quite a number of African countries are having it rough back home – Mali, Somalia, DR Congo, Nigeria; some are just trying to get back on their feet – Rwanda, Egypt, just to name a few. For these countries and others, the Olympics holds a deeper meaning – it is a ray of hope and light; a source of true joy and happiness if they can bring back a medal or attain some level of success at the Olympic Games.

PANA Television wishes all African Teams a successful outing at the XXX Olympiad.
Team South Africa at the Opening Ceremony London 2012
Photo: London 2012

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